Top 10 Most Beautiful Bulgarian Actresses of All Time

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bulgarian Actresses :

Bulgaria is not very well known for its contributions in art and does lack internationally known media franchises. However, Bulgaria is home for some of the most beautiful females under the spotlights. Here is a list of the 10 most gorgeous actresses from Bulgaria from the 50s to nowadays. So, let’s get started with this full list of Most Beautiful Bulgarian Actresses of all time.

10. Pepa Nikolova


Pepa Nikolova bulgarian actress

Pepa Nikolova

The charming face of Djalma, the poor gypsy girl from “On Every Kilometer”. The voice behind old Rose of the Bulgarian version of Monsters Inc. The red-haired beauty of the 70s, Pepa Nikolova, has always been symbol for the grace in Bulgarian classical movies.

9. Ginka Stancheva


Ginka Stancheva bulgarian

Marilyn Monroe of Bulgarian cinema. She is a partner of Pepa Nikolova in “On Every Kilometer”. This stunning actress has been awarded many times for her great contribution to Bulgarian cinematography. One of her most memorable performances is in the film “Family Kalinkovi”.

8. Ernestina Shinova

hot bulgarian women

The actress recently won 2nd place in Bulgaria’s “Big Brother”. The 40-year-old lady is best known for her unforgettable part in “Mission London”. Bulgarians know her from her appearances in “The Comedians”. and she is known for her roles in the movies such as Wagner, Erudit, Eyes of Crystal, etc.

7. Elen Koleva


sexy bulgarian Elen Koleva

Her beautiful green eyes are recognized by people as the piercing eyes of the French teacher from “The Foreigner”. This youngster has shown that she can draw people’s attention with her attractive image and class. She’s considered as one of the hottest Bulgarian actress currently.

6. Elena Petrova


Elena Petrova movies

Her most remarkable roles are the ones from the legendary film “The Goat’s Horn” and the famous TV series “Home of Glass”. The black-haired beauty has always been popular among the audience. She is also known for as Actress & Producer for the roles in Kozijat rog ( 1994 ), Journey to Jerusalem ( 2003 ).

5. Yana Marinova


Yana Marinova sexy movies

Another actress from “Home of Glass”. She is one of the finest Bulgarian girls out there and her lovely glance can never be forgotten by the Bulgarian audience. She is also well known for her work in the movies such as Living Legends ( 2014 ), True Bloodthirst ( 2012 ).

4. Anya Pencheva


Anya Pencheva hottest bulgarian

This ginger beauty is best known for her appearances in several historical dramas. Examples of her magnificent work are “The Golden Century” and “King Ivan Shishman”. Pencheva has performed on numerous occasions in the youth theater (Bulgarian: Младежки театър), which she describes as the best years in her life.

3. Violeta Gindeva 


Violeta Gindeva movies

The smile of this 70s actress is a must-see. Her part in “A Memory” has brought her nation-wide success. Hers is the lead part in the Bulgarian version of “Macbeth”. What is more, she has had a short career as a politician. She is also well know for her role in the movie Chernite angeli.

2. Dilyana Popova


sexiest bulgarian 2017 Dilyana Popova

Her parts in “Revolution Z: Sex, lies and music” and “Home of Glass” are her most memorable ones. Another symbol of Bulgarian grace, despite the fact that most of her roles are of not so “innocent” women. And In 2010, she was photographed for the Bulgarian version of Playboy magazine.

1. Nevena Kokanova

most beautiful bulgarian

She is often considered to be the best Bulgarian actress of all time. Her part as Elisaveta, the love of Ivo from “The Peach Thief”, is one of her best performances and is internationally popular. The black-haired city girl has acted in more than 40 films and is the beautiful face of the Bulgarian cinema industry. And yes not only that, as per the her wiki page, She was known as the “first lady of Bulgarian cinema.” Her mother was from a well-known Austrian aristocratic family, and her father was a political prisoner.

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